Monday, September 20, 2010

Okay... Time for a Breakdown.

Alright, I've been trying to get as much work done as possible these past few days, weeks, however long it has been.  I'm still on an inspired streak and I want to get as much done as humanly possible, but unfortunately for me, my daughter has other plans.  And she is essentially my boss.  It isn't really her fault of course, but she is partially responsible for my lack of work.  I'm to blame for the rest, due to procrastination, lack of discipline, and time management issues. 

I've gotten two sales on Etsy!  Yay, well, that is the good news.  

I also have a lot going on lately.  My baby girl is turning 3 in November, so there's the party planning for that.  And Halloween is coming of course.  And then the impending doom that is Christmas, but I can't even begin thinking about that yet.  This upcoming weekend I am doing a bake sale for the Ocean County Animal Shelter on Saturday. I think i will make some cookies.  Or apple cobbler.  Not sure yet.  And on Sunday I am doing my first ever craft fair at KC's Creations in West Creek, NJ.  Should be a fun filled, and stressful weekend.

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