Friday, September 3, 2010

Circus Folk

A few weeks ago we took my daughter to a small circus.  It was her first ever.  She had so much fun and it reminded me how much I loved the circus as a child.  Here's a few pictures from that...

So this is Izzy at the circus painted as a doggie.  It was also the first time she ever had her face painted and she loved it!  In fact she was not talking for the rest of the time, only barking.  So cute. 

Anyway, I have been wanting to make an illustration for Illustration Friday for a while now, and when they posted the next theme which was "Immovable", I thought of a circus scene.  I first made a watercolor painting here:

I was not happy with the way it was coming along, so I decided to digitize it using my patented Lauralyzation method, and now I am happier...

So there it is in the beginning, middle, and finished stages.  Also, obviously, I didn't make it in time to post it on Illustration Friday.  So my dreams continue.  One day I WILL!  Hope you like it!

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