Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall is Coming!

    I can't believe the summer is almost over already!  I'm getting so happy about fall being on the way and I've been working on a lot of fall and Halloween related art and such.  I posted a couple more of my dolls and some things for halloween.  I have more on the way including a Dia De Los Muertos tote that came out really cool.  I would probably keep it, but I need money so off it goes. 
    I think I'm going to do a bake sale and a handmade fair all in the same weekend.  That should be a fun weekend.  The bake sale is a fundraiser for the ocean county animal shelter.  The craft show is KC Creations fall fest in West Creek, NJ.  It will be the weekend of September 25th and 26th.  Should be a good time and I hope whoever reads this (if anyone actually does) will come out or participate in both events. 
    In my anticipation for the fall, I made a treasury of other peoples wares on Etsy.  I really like the way it came out.  It's not necessarily what you might expect for a fall theme, but I think it's really nice.  Here it is:

A Fall Romance

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I will have pictures coming soon.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Etsy Frustration

I realize that I haven't been on Etsy very long (okay like a week) and I know it's going to take a while to get my business rolling.  It's just very frustrating learning the ins and outs and trying to figure out how to get my stuff out into the world so people see it.  It seems that people who stumble upon my stuff think its pretty good, but still no one is buying.  I don't think all that many have checked it out yet, either.  I also realize my stuff is pretty specific and will only appeal to certain people, and mainly to children who are not wandering around shopping on Etsy.  I just want to sell SOMETHING.  I just want people to like it enough to buy something.  For my own ego I guess. Haha.  I'm trying real hard to get some more stuff together to put up and maybe some more stuff that will appeal universally.

Anyway, I completed some more Halloween stuff and I'm working on a fall painting that looks really nice so far.  I made my paper dolls more of a playset.  And added a doll and a couple bags.  I thought these things would get more hearts than my illustrations because they are more substantial.  But, nothing so far.  Not even 1 heart. 

I gotta figure out how to get more exposure.  I think that is the key.  Anyway if anyone stumbles upon this site, Check out my etsy shop at

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yea, I didn't get too much accomplished this week.  It's hard for me to create when I'm upset about something.  Anyway there is a couple things for me (and maybe you too) to be excited about.

1.  I'm going to Philly today to hang out with my best friend, Lara.  I'm super excited as it's been quite a while since I've been in Philly and quite a while since I've hung out with my friend without my child.  An adult day!

2.  MY ETSY SHOP IS OFFICIALLY OPEN!  I don't have a whole lot on there yet, and none of my sewn items or dolls are up yet, but at least I put some of my artwork up.  I accomplised something and I think my shop looks really good, even if I haven't sold anything yet.  I'm looking forward to the day someone buys something.  I think I will just be over the moon about it!

Here's some fun pictures:

This is Izzy after she found a Sharpie marker in my bag on the car ride to my mom's.  She's an artist, what can I say.  Haha.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Halloween is my favorite holiday in the middle of my favorite season.  I love the fall and I'm so excited that it's getting closer.  My birthday is in October and my daughter's is right after Halloween in November.  To get an early start on celebrating, I made a Halloween Paperdoll that I'm going to sell or give as a freebie around Halloween on Etsy, along with a few other festive things that I have yet to create.  But they are in my mind.

I'm really happy with this paperdoll.  I cut everything apart and made sure it all works (and it does... whew!).

There it is, and more to come soon!  Now off to enjoy some more summer outdoors, if the weather holds out!