Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy, Busy Bee

     I haven't been near a computer for more than 10 minutes for over a week now.  I finally have a moment to sit down.  This past weekend was my boyfriends birthday, so we celebrated a bit and went out that night to an amusement park on the island near where I live.  It was a good time, although maybe not his first choice in things to do for his birthday. 
     The next day we went to Batsto Villiage, an old iron working town from the 1800's in the middle of a large protected forest.  It's crazy how certain areas of NJ can be so remote, yet still so close to major cities.  It's really beautiful and woodsy there.  I'd like to live somewhere like that someday, but maybe in a more mountainous area.  Anyway, the historic town shows you somewhat how people used to live and work.  The town was anchored around this gorgeous mansion built by the very wealthy family that owned the property.  It really reminded me of how people used to live and the struggles that they had to endure, and even though I'm fully aware that our lives are much easier, I still think that most of the old ways of doing things were much better for the people, the environment, and the animals.  I know I couldn't and wouldn't want to live without refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning however.  I could probably give up most of the rest of it.

This is the card I made for my boyfriends birthday.

Here's some pictures of Isobel being a crazy nut at 11:00 pm last night (past her bedtime, I know). 

This is my Izzy Butterfly Princess Fairy!

She was spinning in circles and dancing around, and being cute in general.  I wish you could hear the music from a small keyboard that she put on herself.  It was so perfect for the dancing. 

And she danced and spun until she fell down.  Too cute!  I just couldn't stop her from dancing although it was past her bedtime.  I just cherish moments like this with her and I know she won't be this age forever.

These two pictures are from another day.  I just tacked them on here.  Me and Izzy hanging out.
     I also recently found this website that is so awesome for prints and small original art.  Also the design is so spectacular.  There's something new done to the title of the website everytime you click on a link.  It's really great.

     I also wanted to say that I'm still working on getting my things together for my Etsy shop.  It's a process for me to figure everything out.  I want it to work so badly that I am researching everything and trying to get everything right before I start trying to sell.  I think that I may be overthinking it.  Anyway, it should be up by next week.  Definitely won't be this week.  Tuesday the 20th is the goal!

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