Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hmmm, I don't think so.

    So my Etsy goal is just not going to happen today.  I did get some photos of a few things together, but I need to tie up some loose ends with everything before I actually sell them.  I have to buy printer ink.  I have a few things I need to design.  I could add to this list forever, however I am getting closer.  New goal- next Tuesday!  Please. Oh please. 

    Here is the pictures of a few of my crafty things.  A makeup case and two dolls with removable clothing.  I have more coming, but I want to see how these things sell first.

   I made everything by hand and there are some imperfections of course, but I like to think that it adds to the charm of the items.  I have a few more dolls at home and a bunny that I'm working on, as well as other started and not yet finished creations. 

   Of course, no weekend of mine (lately) is complete without a visit to the beach.  This time we went on the bay side.  Once again it was just me and my girl, but I like it that way. 


  1. CUTE pictures & 'crafty' stuff!!!! i don't have any 'little ones' anymore...my 2 boys are in their late 20's!! hard to believe!! but i remember (surprisingly!) like it was yesterday...yet, at the same time it seems so long ago... :) good luck with your crafts!! take care, laura